Back to backs and the mill owners house

Back to back houses

Gaythorne Row back to back houses

Back to back houses

In 1987 this row of back to back houses was bought. The houses were in a different part of Bradford but they were dismantled and rebuilt here. Originally Gaythorne Street in Bradford, the block of houses is now called Gaythorne Row. You can go inside the houses. You can only go as far as the glass doorway of each room and look inside but you still get a good idea of what the living conditions were like for the residents.

The back to backs show how life was at different periods of history. One recreates life in 1875 another shows life in the second world war 1945.

Moorside House

Moorside House the Victorian mill owners house

The mill owners house

This is the mill owners house and is built in the shadow of the mill. It’s easy to miss this house if you don’t know its here so make sure you look for it and pop inside to have a look round. You can see the Victorian parlour, dining room, bedroom and nursery set out in styles from about 1900.

Moorside House is not open as many hours as the main museum so if you especially want to look in this mill owners house check opening times before you visit.